The type of ultraviolet light that's able to effectively get rid of mold is UV-C, which is a very short wavelength of UV light. Because of how beneficial UV light can be at the right amounts, this light is commonly used for disinfection purposes, which can include treating ballast water with UV disinfection



Mold, Fungi, Virus, Bacteria

SSCTA can provide a range of Sanitizing product (environmentally friendly and safe for human health)  which will make everything easy and allow your business to keep a healthy and safe working environment, to operate on full operation without the concern of virus, bacteria, molds, fungus or other nasty pathogenic microorganism. The pathogenic microorganism are always there, not only COVID19

Fogging machines. Why pay someone to come into your premisses every time you need to have a deep sanitizaiton. If you purchase a fogging machine you will be able to same money and do your own sanitizaiton. With our product, no chemical exposure, no bad small, very easy, anyone can do it.


A great achievement for SSCTA, now in partnership with the MTC training Center in Bahrain.

A great achievement for SSCTA, now in partnership with the MTC training Center in Bahrain.

SSCTA Owner and Facilitator Tina Hoarau  delivered a session as Guest Speaker at the 42nd PIKOM Project Leadership Certification (PLC) Talk on Tuesday, 8 September 2020, 3pm KL (Seychelles 11am) 

Organized by the Team Synthesis



The session was  based on Inculcating Safety Behaviours in the Global Pandemic Era – Leadership Implementation Challenges & Lessons Learnt

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