Our Goals

Safety and Standards Consultancy and Trainig agency, has the primary goal to help our customers – spread the Safey culture in Seychelles to help reducing the number of occupational incident/accident and to help maximizing the productivity of a business by establishing safety policy, safety operating procedures and Safety Management System.

Seychelles has laws which are governing the Occupational Health and Safety of every worker, it is our responsibility to make sure we are in complinace. (Occupational Safety and Health Decree Cap 151, 14th December, 1978) also Seychelles signed a number of conventions with ILO which are reinforcing the legal requirement to ensure a safety workplace for everyone.

Tina Hoarau

(248) 2503505 Qualified Trainer, in Health and Safety related topics,  and professional skills.  

Expert in Occupational Health and Safety audit, risk assessment, HACCP audit, safety procedures, setting up Safety Management Systems and professional skills training


E-mail: Thhsconsultant@gmail.com

Phone: (248) 2503505


Health and Safety Advanced Diploma

Emergency Services

Quality Management System & Auditing

Occupational Health and Safety with the Ministry Of Employment 

IATA Security Management System

Advanced Aviation Studies in Safety Management System

First Aid Instructor 

First Aid Trainer

Psychological First Aid Trainer

Train the Trainer

Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority for Aircraft Accident Site Health and Safety ICAO- CIR315

Risk and Disaster Management

ISO 9001 - 2008

Occupational Health and Safety Advanced Diploma

Preparing to teach in Lifelong Learning Sector

Aviation Medicine Instructor Course

Aircraft Acquisition & Financing

Management of Training IATA

Strategic Risk Management Program for Hedging Financial Exposure

Change Management

Finance for non-Financial Managers

Leadership, Personal Development

Strategic Management

Aviation Auditor 

Safety Management System Advanced

Management Effectiveness

IATA Root Cause Analysis

IATA Safety Risk Management

IATA Airline Management DIPLOMA

Leading Practices and Cost Reduction Strategies

Alliances, Strategic Partnerships and Frequent Flyer Programs

Airline Business Models and competitive Strategies

Route Forecasting and Development Strategies

Objective Setting Train the Trainer

Partner in Performance Train the Trainer

Dangerous Goods Category 6

Presentation Skills Train the Trainer

Covid - 19 training : what you need to know - NEW 2020


Inspector Charles CELESTINE

16.01.2019 06:51

Hi Tina. We met yesterday in a meeting. For any information, please drop me an email.


24.02.2019 07:42

Thank you for contacting SSCTA. We will follow up on emails.

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12.03 | 16:44

Thank you Vivek. Please send us your requirement via email. Use the contact us link or thhsconsultant@gmail.com. thank you

12.03 | 16:15

hi i want safety services

30.09 | 15:08

Dear Josepha Keishia Monty,
thank you for your request, we will be in touch via email. With kind regards SSCTA

30.09 | 10:17

i would like to follow training for Food Hygiene (HACCP standards)

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