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12.03 | 16:44

Thank you Vivek. Please send us your requirement via email. Use the contact us link or thank you

12.03 | 16:15

hi i want safety services

30.09 | 15:08

Dear Josepha Keishia Monty,
thank you for your request, we will be in touch via email. With kind regards SSCTA

30.09 | 10:17

i would like to follow training for Food Hygiene (HACCP standards)

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Few of our satisfied customers

Our satisfied customers

SSCTA Owner and Facilitator Tina Hoarau  delivered a session as Guest Speaker at the 42nd PIKOM Project Leadership Certification (PLC) Talk on Tuesday, 8 September 2020, 3pm KL (Seychelles 11am) 

Training under the parasol of Red Cross Society of Seychelles

Our facilitator is also continuosly delivering training in First Aid under the parasol of the RCSS

Health and Safety Awareness at SBSA (30.09.2020)

OHS in the workplace is key for a sucsessful busines. SBSA management know about it and has requested a special session for its sutdent on the last year of the programs. SSCTA introduced a general awareness on Occupational health and Safety at the workplace and also the importance of implementing SMS and prommoting safety culture at work.

University of Seychelles Auditorium

University of Seychelles Auditorium

SSCTA in collaboration with ESA strive to inform businesses on COVID19 SOP

SSCTA in Collaboration with ESA and with the SCCI Business Comunity 360 solution program, has delivered another session on COVID 19 awareness. The session covered  how to develop an SOP in line with the Public Health Authority Guide lines and it  has been delivered to a large audience in the private sector. The content of the guideline was presented to the Retailer and Food Industy businesses by the PHA, and the SOP development,use of PPE's and other relative issues with regards to COVID19 was presented by SSCTA (Mrs. Tina Horau) - (02.10.2020)

on 18th of October 2017, interview at Pure FM to introduce the Services of S&S Consultancy and Training Agency

State House cares about the safety of its employee.A risk assessment was conducted to identify potential hazards

On the 6th of October 17, the Ministry of Employment organized the Safety Exibition for the Safety Week.

SHTA has included in their periodical news letter the services offered by Safety and Standards Consultancy and training Agency.

Great initiative from the NISTI CEO Mr. Xavier Estico to porvide the team with a safety awareness training. Staff are now more aware of ergonomics, human factors, health and safety regulations, hazard identification. Good example to promote Safety culture in the workplace.

Great participation from the staff of the H Hotel, who attended a 4 hours Food Safety training. Safety is always the first priority

IDC Managers attended  2 days to imporve Managerial skills

IDC Managers attended 2 days to imporve Managerial skills