SSCTA, is your solution for any Occupational health and safety related needs. 

  • Audit
  • Inspecitons
  • Risk assessments
  • Food safety
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Environmental Measurement
    • (noise, humidity, lux)
  • and more

Your staff need to know 

FIRST AID - Will be vital

in case of any emergency

Base on the Red Cross Syllabus

SSCTA is offering customized first aid training for company (on site) and not only. PRIVATE GROUP of friends or collegues, who want to learn and acquired the basic skills on how to safe lives can also contact us, (min 6 participant) 

Customized packages


Practical Exercices

Send us an email for any enquiry : or WhatsApp +248 2503505

Health and Safety at Work....we are your solution

Safety & Standard Consultancy and Training agency is pleased to offer consultancy advice and support, in all areas of Health & Safety, including performance of Risk Assessments, creation of Health & Safety Management Systems, development of  Health & Safety Plans in line with the local and international regulation and laws. We also provide Training with safety related content as per the customer requirement.

We are located in Mahe, the main Island of Seychelles, and we are happy to visit our customer everywhere in the Archipelago for a meeting to discuss your requirements. 

For outer Island, (Praslin, La Digue, Silouhette, and other) due to the need of travelling via boat / airplane, we will have to plan the visit with a minimum of 2-3 weeks notice, this to allow the organization of the logistics.

If you are interested in any of our offer, please contact us.

Let us respond to your particular need and enquiries


Take the time to read the new National Occupational Safety and health Policy. This is a very good document to assist any organization, small of big to implement OHS programs in accordance with the Seychelles Law and ILO conventions.

The OSH Policy applies to:

a) All sectors of the economy being Private, Public or Parastatal.

b) All employers and workers in Seychelles, including self-employed persons and migrant workers and also those on apprenticeship.

c) Informal economy and domestic holdings.

The MEEDBI has the mandate to enforce legal penalties for organizations who do not report occupational accidents as per the law and the policy.

To download other laws related to OHS in Seychelles visit the Ministry of Employment Web Site (Clik Here)



12.03.2020 16:15

hi i want safety services


12.03.2020 16:44

Thank you Vivek. Please send us your requirement via email. Use the contact us link or thank you

As Employers, you have the responsibility to comply, establish mechanism and implement national OSH policies and legislation, including application of self compliance to OSH programmes thereby systematically improving the safety and health at the work places.

For more information, and for a consultancy in the implementation of the National OHS policies and legislation, to be in conformity with the law , ensuring a free/controlled Hazardous environment for your employees, and avoid unnecessary penalties, please do contact us. We will more than happy to assist you and to bring your business up to the required Safety standards .

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12.03 | 16:44

Thank you Vivek. Please send us your requirement via email. Use the contact us link or thank you

12.03 | 16:15

hi i want safety services

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Dear Josepha Keishia Monty,
thank you for your request, we will be in touch via email. With kind regards SSCTA

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i would like to follow training for Food Hygiene (HACCP standards)

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